100 percent recyclate: KHS and Start-up share are developing a unique PET bottle

 Berlin-based start-up share is the first beverage manufacturer in Germany to offer its water in PET bottles made from 100 percent recycled material.

The Berlin-based start-up share is the first beverage producer in Germany to offer its water in PET bottles made from 100% recyclate.
  • Bottle design developed with Bottles & Shapes ™
  • System provider supports sustainability thoughts
  • Filling in PET bottles made entirely from recycled material

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Berlin-based start-up share is the first beverage manufacturer in Germany to offer its water in PET bottles made from 100 percent recycled material. The KHS Group supported the company with their know-how from Bottles & Shapes ™ – offering advice on the development and design of the bottle – in a very short time.

The plans are ambitious: In 2019, each month, share wants to fill water into approximately one million bottles of recycled PET, saving over 200 tons of plastic waste per year. For several weeks, the product has been available in retail from the supermarket chain REWE and the drugstore dm and caused a sensation in the media. “It was a long journey from idea to realization,” says Iris Braun, Head of Product and Social Projects at share. “The technology and certifications are a long process. For this reason, it depends very much on the partners. “These are in addition to the two retail chains of bottlers Mineralbrunnen Allgäu Alpenwasser and the preform producer and largest converter in the world Plastipak. KHS Corpoplast was also instrumental in implementing the project.

Experience from more than 4,000 realized bottle designs

Among other things, the plant manufacturer supported the start-up in developing the design of the recyclate bottle, says Marc Eysel, responsible for Sales Region Northern Europe at KHS Corpoplast. “We implemented the development very quickly and worked out the right shape together,” says Eysel. With its holistic consulting concept Bottles & Shapes ™, the system provider was able to bring the experience gained in the meanwhile more than 4,000 designed bottles into the project. “KHS implemented the bottle development very quickly for us, which was enormously helpful,” says Braun. According to Eysel, there were no particular hurdles and challenges due to the use of 100 percent recycled material. “The production is even easier, Because of the dark coloring of the material, these preforms are easier to heat than the PET bottles made with virgin material. “In addition to advising on bottle design, the mechanical engineer also assists in production. The still and carbonated water is bottled in the factory of the Allgäu Alpine Water in Oberstaufen using KHS technology. The bottles are molded on an InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molder. Special adjustments to the system are not necessary according to Eysel.

After the market launch of the recyclate bottle, the interest in other beverage manufacturers, such as Braun and Eysel emphasize. “Some bottlers have contacted us to increase the proportion of recycled PET,” says Eysel. “Protecting the environment also plays an important role at KHS. We support this with resource-saving systems, but also with the development of sustainable PET bottles. “Shares hopes to have created the right incentives for more sustainability, emphasizes Braun. “In the end, the consumer decides.”