Energy is the foundation behind any country’s growth and development to give its inhabitants a quality life and resources. Today use of fossil fuel is ringing the alarm button as it has far reached effects owing to rising greenhouse gas, higher temperature & change in weather, crop failure, economic disruption, pollution and diseases and ocean acidification.

Moreover, oil and gas are expected to get exhausted in the next 50 years and coal will be finished in about next 100 years. Also, carbon emission is a major concern for both developing and developed countries. Going by the numbers the global per capita carbon emission is at 4.17t per year which has serious repercussions on health and environment.

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In a scenario where the world is struggling with many challenges to lead a better life, energy plays a significant role as it cuts across household, industrial and automobile sectors.

Currently the world is using 10% of traditional biomass, 8% of modern renewable & 2%nuclear sources to generate energy. Transportation sector uses 96% of fuel which is non-renewable. It is expected to shift to 58% renewable energy by 2050 which will include 22% of biofuels.

Therefore, there is growing interest in clean energy in developing countries like India, ways of providing greater access to such energy like bio fuel and CBG to address energy costs, energy security and global warming concerns associated with fossil fuels.

India alone will need 9% world energy to feed its growth by 2035. This growth is coupled by multi-faceted challenges such as the waste generation, pollution, growing vehicles, oil imports, loss of foreign exchange, global warming that is unfavorably touching everyone.

The Government is therefore committed to increase the use of clean energy sources and is already undertaking various large-scale sustainable power projects and promoting PM vision of Energy Independent India by 2047 and green energy heavily. The Government of India wants to develop a ‘green city’ in every state of the country, powered by renewable energy.

Initiatives such as Swach Bharat, Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Alternative towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) are aimed towards a clean, healthy empowered environment and society.

The government has ambitious plans as there is a push towards a gas-based economy and is targeting generation of 175 GW of electricity from renewable sources by 2022. This will also present a huge job opportunity which is the need of the hour.

As per Biofuels policy, 2018 Govt of India has to promote production, storage and distribution of Bio-fuel and encourage participation of private entrepreneurs in the green energy sector. The Government is also giving investment subsidies and many policy incentives to increase the participation of young entrepreneurs. Additionally focusing to create an investor-friendly ecosystem to promote domestic manufacturing and also giving importance to infrastructure development.

For the proper utilization of garbage and to give a relief from garbage mountains and pollution spread all over the country, the Government of India has given many policies supporting and promoting waste to the Energy sector.

Clean Fuel Companies like NexGen Energia Ltd. are stepping forward to boost Local for Vocal & Make in India initiatives based on Swacchh Bharat mission through the production of energy from the waste and provide an innovative entrepreneurship opportunity for the business aspirant.

NexGen Energia is establishing a CNG (CBG) production plant through franchisee route with production buyback guarantee. This is presenting a unique and an ideal profitable business opportunity on very low risk. Also the government is giving subsidy Tax benefits etc.

As the processing for CBG and green diesel from garbage is being popularized clean fuel companies like NexGen Energia are leveraging on this opportunity and opening CNG (CBG) production plant/Retail outlets along with its storage marketing and distribution networks.

With the ultramodern technologies of global standard and vast experience in waste to the energy sector, NexGen Energia Ltd. wants to give a notable input in the growing demand for fuel and alternative energy resources of India. Apart from CNG (CBG) production NexGen Energia Ltd. is also running CBG Retail Outlets, Green Diesel Production unit, Green Diesel Retail Outlets, Bio Coal, EV Charging stations in India.

So, a bright and sustainable future signals both for clean energy (bio fuel and CBG) growth and employability. The clean energy sector creates a lot of jobs at all levels, especially in rural India.