The packs will also carry the OPRL “Recycle with bags at larger stores” label.


In partnership with the Co-op and Freshtime, Coveris has launched a fully recyclable PE film that delivers the same protective, functional and shelf-life benefits as existing non-recyclable solutions, marking a major step forward in supporting the packaging manufacturer’s pledge to deliver 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

Having recently been awarded for “leading the sector” in recyclable plastics through their Project Closed Loop strategy to make 100% of its own-brand packaging recyclable, the Co-op is now even closer to achieving its 2023 target with the launch of a new recyclable PE film across prepared vegetable lines.

Providing a world-first consumer recycling solution that delivers the same performance benefits of existing not yet recyclable plastics such as OPP, the new PE film is made from polyethylene material very similar to the plastic found in carrier bags which is easily recycled today in the UK in the same way that you would recycle a carrier bag in larger stores. The packs will also carry the OPRL “Recycle with bags at larger stores” label.

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Manufactured at Coveris’ Winsford facility, the film is tailored to meet specific product needs with technical performance options including high-barrier, microwaveable and easy-open functions for lap, fin and weld sealed formats. As Europe’s largest extruder of PE films, the development comes as part of a continued investment strategy at the site, enabling the manufacturer to scale up capacity to seamlessly manage increased demand for high-performance recyclable films, supported by its UK food science capability delivering essential product validation.

Having worked collaboratively with the Co-op to deliver other recyclable solutions including the innovative multi-layer PE film for cooked meats which enables over 90% of pack weight to now be recycled in the UK today, Coveris has been a key development partner in supporting the retailer reach its ambitious recycling targets.

Iain Ferguson, Co-op Environment Manager, commented on the new launch adding “We are delighted to work with Coveris to launch this landmark new recyclable film – a collaborative approach between industry stakeholders is essential if we are to deliver 100% recyclable packaging for UK consumers that also satisfies requirements around shelf life and functionality.”

The film is available across a range of Freshtime produced prepared vegetable lines in stores nationwide now.