CPT Partnering with IoT Diagnostics


Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT), a leading supplier of machinery, parts, services and technology for the plastics molding industry, is now partnering with IoT Diagnostics (IoT), an innovative leader in predictive maintenance sensors and applications. By representing IoT, CPT now offers next generation diagnostics which allow plastics manufacturers to discover operations problems before they impact production.

IoT’s predictive solutions keep watch on critical applications and functions within complex machinery, and predict potential failures before they happen, driving increased production efficiencies. Using proprietary sensors and software, IoT’s system keeps facility managers informed of functions through a custom dashboard and real-time alerts.

According to CPT General Manager Mike Green, “our partnership with IoT is a natural progression as we expand our line of products and services. We continue to offer our customers state-of-art solutions to improve their operations and efficiencies.” IoT uses Internet-connected devices to collect and analyze large volumes of machine data from many points in the production cycle. That allows them to predict failures before they happen. Their advanced diagnostics and reporting are the ideal next step in advancing the plastics molding business.

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IoT’s President/CEO Rex Wetherill says that IoT’s solutions are a good fit for the plastics industry because of the complex multi-stage machines used in production. “Our sensors and data collection systems allow us to monitor each critical component, gather data and present it in a user-friendly format. By joining forces with CPT, we are now able to reach more leaders in the plastics molding business who can benefit from our solutions.”

CPT also announced that several IoT Diagnostics experts will be joining them in their booth at the NPE plastics exposition, May 17-21, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. “This is a great opportunity for CPT to demonstrate our wide range of products and services and how they integrate with IoT’s diagnostics and predictive applications,” said Green. “Were looking forward to working with CPT and exposing more plastics industry professionals to new ways to improve uptime and production,” said Wetherill.


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