Film Stretching Line Concepts for Multiple Applications


Film Stretching Line Concepts for Multiple Applications

High-end film for a better world

Worldwide megatrends such as (food) safety, health, mobility or environmental protection have gained great influence on the field of flexible plastic films. At ArabPlast Brückner Maschinenbau will show stretching line concepts for high-quality packaging films as well as sophisticated technical films at booth 2B133. Focus of the new developments are topics such as recyclability and circularity but also energy supply, storage and savings.

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Mono-material films: Number 1 in achieving recycling targets

The design of new packaging is aimed at mono-material solutions that consist of only one polymer and yet have all the necessary functionalities. Brückner Maschinenbau will show solutions for the state-of-the-art materials BOPP and BOPET and also for new opportunities with BOPE:

  • PP mono-material applications, where complex laminates are substituted by
    all-polypropylene versions
  • Usage of recylate PET made from post-consumer without any losses in quality
  • Unique BOPE/BOPP hybrid lines allowing to react swiftly and flexible to market trends

Solutions for bio-based and bio-degradable film

Bio-materials are increasingly being used for the manufacture of biaxially stretched packaging films. The most successful to date is PLA/PHA – Brückner has vast experience with it. Recently other bio-based raw materials are in discussion as competitive alternatives to the existing polymers. Brückner is ready to partner with any film producer to conquer the market for bio-based and bio-degradable film.

Technical and industrial films enabling high-end technology

Technical films are more and more requested – without them, many everyday but also future-oriented applications would not exist: e.g. displays and screens, mobile phones, electric vehicles, printed electronics, solar panels. Within this field, E-mobility applications are the big drivers, requesting new line concepts for the production of various high-tech films:

  • Battery separator films: Brückner Maschinenbau presents unique lines as well as customized machine components for the battery separator production. They are in operation at leading manufacturers around the globe, separators from Brückner machines have successfully passed all standard battery tests.
  • Current collector films: Beside separator films, current collector film is another important part of the battery cells. Benefits of the usage of oriented films: downgauging, weight saving up to 3-4 times and reduction of metal up to more than 80% – this means decisively reduced costs. At the same time the energy density per cell is increased.
  • Capacitor films: Our present and future life would not function without capacitors. The demand for capacitors of all kind – from micro to power capacitor – will extensively grow in the coming years. Brückner delivers the sequential as well as the simultaneous stretching process. Both are ideal for the manufacture of extremely thin and high-temperature films for EV applications or high energy density film for renewable energy applications in the power industry.

Brückner Servtec: Latest service & upgrading solutions for film stretching lines

Also at the joint booth: Brückner Servtec, presenting their service and upgrading solutions under the motto “lifecycle and sustainability”:

Line conversion

  • Portfolio extension with 5-layer or 7-layer film production
  • Upgrade to production of sustainable PE film-types
  • Inline-coating for increased surface properties

Production & process optimization

  • Increased line uptime and optimized product quality with software upgrades
  • Expanded line availability and efficiency with a new clean oven concept including heat recovery system
  • Clip and chain refurbishment

At the joint Brückner Group booth, besides Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec, Kiefel will be showing the latest developments for the packaging, medical and appliance industry.


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