I-Mold Moves to New Head Office


I-Mold Moves to New Head Office

Tunnel gate inserts, hot runner systems, mold accessories and coatings will, with immediate effect, now come from Michelstadt

I-mold was newly founded as a separate, independent supplier to manufacturers of injection molding tools. Very recently – on August 1st – the company moved to its newly built premises in Michelstadt. On a total area of 760m², it offers comfortable space conditions for CEO Andy Walter and his staff in development, production, marketing and logistics, as well as plenty of room for the expansion targeted in the coming years.

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One of the things that has been customary for the last twenty years or so and will certainly remain unchanged is the customer-oriented focusing on highly wear-resistant, easy-flow tunnel gate inserts. In a wide variety of applications, these have proved to be particularly convenient solutions for injection molded parts, which –unrecognizably from the outside – are injection molded from underneath or from the side, which is especially beneficial for visible parts.

Hot runner systems from Heatlock, sprue adjusters for switching off and/or redirecting the melt flow in the gating system, and the Nanomold mold coating, which protects the mold surfaces and prevents problems with adhering substances or during demolding, will continue to supplement the portfolio, which is directly accessible to customers from i-mold or via the global network of distributors.

CEO Walter: “Our tunnel gate inserts, which are supplied in a wide variety of different geometries and dimensions, are currently being used in 33 countries across all industries. The current demand from our customers stands at around 15,000 units a year. We also see continuously growing demand for the coming years. Thanks to our investment in the spacious rooms of our new company headquarters, we now have the capacities to drive forward with new developments and to continue in the future fulfilling the demands of our customers quickly and comprehensively.”



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