IBB Netzwerk GmbH will act as central contact point for bio-based nanomaterials in Europe


IBB Netzwerk GmbH will act as central contact point for bio-based nanomaterials in Europe

In the beginning of September 2021, the IBB Netzwerk GmbH became an official partner in the European project “BIOMAC” – the European Sustainable BIO-based nanoMAterials Community, here, the IBB assumes the interface function of a “Single Entry Point” (SEP) and mediates between interested customers wishing to have new products developed sustainably and more than 30 project partners from all over Europe who are putting together the new production processes. Goal of the project, which is funded with more than 14 million euros and coordinated by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is to advance novel developments in the field of sustainable nanomaterials from plant-based raw materials and take them from laboratory project to operational prototype.

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Due to their unique chemical and physical properties, nanomaterials find applications in a wide range of research fields and industries. In order to exploit their potential in a sustainable environment, the BIOMAC project was launched in January 2021. Polymers and nanomaterials derived from renewable raw materials are to be brought together to form innovative composite materials and find applications in five test cases from the agriculture, automotive, packaging, clothing and construction industries. 17 pilot production plants and 11 service partners cover the entire value chain in an open innovation test bed structure (OITB), from production and marketing to sustainability analysis. In the second year of the four-year project, an open call for applications will allow an additional five test cases to use the entire OITB for their bio-nanomaterial development.

The first and central point of contact for new and existing users of the test environment is the Single Entry Point, which is now represented by the IBB Netzwerk GmbH. In this role, the IBB mediates between project members and clients, evaluates applications and concludes contracts on behalf of all core project partners.  

The BIOMAC project’s open testing environment offers companies the unique opportunity to develop all aspects of their bio-nanoproduct development under one conceptual umbrella, from the laboratory level to the prototype. Users of the test environment profit from the expertise of partners from 12 European countries, including 11 SMEs, 3 large companies and 3 associations, as well as several renowned scientific institutions. With the IBB, BIOMAC has now gained an SEP with years of experience in national and international network management and a strong project focus on industrial biotechnology and sustainable economics.

A key aspect of the BIOMAC project is the evaluation of the OITB concept, its structure and the services offered via so-called test cases (TECs). In addition to the project’s internal TECs, the call for external proposals constitutes an important milestone of the second project year. The 2022 Open Call will therefore be an important save-the-date for companies who wish to take their sustainable bio-nanoproduct idea to the next level and would like to use the infrastructure, expertise and project management of this unique, open innovation environment free of charge.