KRAIBURG TPE introduces new TPE for drinking water applications


KRAIBURG TPE introduces new TPE for drinking water applications

KRAIBURG TPE, the recognized global TPE manufacturer has developed a new TPE for drinking water applications with NSF/ANSI 61- compliance exclusively for the Asia Pacific market.

Ideal for a wide scope of drinking water applications

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KRAIBURG TPE’s new TF8ONG-NTRL compound comes in one hardness, namely 80 Shore A with 0.95g/cm density. Its durability and flexibility make it suitable for typical drinking water applications such as tubes and hoses, elastomer pipe fittings, couplings, flexible pipe fittings, plumbing manifolds, and many others.

Low odor and flavor properties
Besides fulfilling the NSF/ANSI 61 testing standard under section 4 with cold water (23°C) and domestic hot water applications (60°C), TF8ONG-NTRL also meets the low odor, flavor and total organic compound (TOC) testing standards according to KTW under hot water application (60°C). In addition, the compound exhibits good adhesion with PP.

Global regulatory compliance
The compound does not have any curing and crosslinking material in it and meets the Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 and US FDA CFR 21 (raw material conformity).

The TF8ONG-NTRL compound is available in natural color and can be processed via injection molding or extrusion.