Leading Extrusion Tooling Designer and Manufacturer Offers Medical Machining and Fabricating Manufacturing Services

Closeup shot of a CNC machine processing a piece of metal. There are three water streams splashing the object to cool it down.

For over 55 years, a leading extrusion tooling designer and manufacturer has been providing tooling for the aerospace, extrusion, medical, consumer, and commercial, defense, wind, oil and energy industries. Due to its years of experience, the company has a highly skilled team of expert machinists engineers trained in the latest CAD, CAM, CFD and FEA programs. Besides being experts in extrusion tooling, Guill is a major industrial manufacturer who can provide customers with one-stop shopping for their tooling and other select machine shop needs.


Closeup shot of a CNC machine processing a piece of metal. There are three water streams splashing the object to cool it down.

Its high-quality standards are evidenced by the company’s many certifications, including ISO 9001:2015. Defense certifications include AS9100:2016 (aerospace manufacturing), MIL-I-45208A (inspection system), MIL-STD-45662A (calibration system), JCP Certified (government contracting), ITAR Registered (export compliant), NIST SP800-171 (cybersecurity) and others.

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As part of this new medical machining program, the company offers 5-axis machining centers, high precision machining, and full wire EDM capabilities with a .008” hole popper.  Company machines super alloys and exotic metals to close tolerances.

Company CNC milling machines offer resources needed to successfully fulfill the most challenging parts and tooling to keep equipment running efficiently and precisely. The precision of CNC turning is offered for quicker production that meets rigorous standards, regardless of the complexity of the parts. Company multi-axis machines can produce a variety of sizes, complex engineering, and geometric intricacies. Prototype machining and rapid manufacturing enable engineering to develop and innovative solutions with the ability to respond and modify parts. Superalloys and other materials are offered to benefit customers who need new solutions to remain competitive. Finally, wire EDM eliminates the force put on part surfaces. This protects intricate and fragile tooling, as well as providing higher tolerances and accuracy.

Machining capabilities range from small hole machining to .008” in diameter and machining material measuring up to 15 inches in all axes. A global leader in extrusion tooling now offers its substantial machine shop capabilities as an independent service to customers.



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