Modern Technology For The Processing Of Polymers, For Apprenticeship, R&D


Modern Technology For The Processing Of Polymers, For Apprenticeship, R&D

The Nga Group, continuously on the pulse of the time, recognized the great market potential as well as the need of the Indian industry for the latest leading-edge technology at affordable prices – and has founded Nga Plastic Technology Private Limited.

Nga GmbH holds 70 %, Tec science Service Pvt Ltd 30 %

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The Austrian Nga GmbH holds 70 % of the Indian company, 30 % are held by Tec science Service Pvt Ltd, an Indian company, which, as a distributor, has been working together with Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH for more than 30 years.

The leading target of the new company is to provide rising markets with easy-to-handle test and R&D lines in laboratory-scale – based on the well-tried Collin technology, manufactured in India under the brand name “Collin Asia”.

Product portfolio – table-top machines from presses via extruders to pressure filter tests

The first series of machines will be introduced under the sub-brand Easy Line. Easy Line table-top machines are designed for the processing of polymers, for an apprenticeship, research, and development and include presses, extruders, compounders, blown as well as flat film lines, roll mills, and pressure filter tests.

Rajnissh Soodd, new member of team – target market development with direction South East Asia and Africa

In order to perfectly exhaust this potential, Nga decided to take the industry insider Rajnissh Soodd as Country Manager onboard. „From our branch office, besides the Indian market, we can also serve South East Asia and Africa perfectly “, explains Rajnissh Soodd, Country Manager Nga Plastic Technology Private Limited.

„The multilayered cooperation of Rajnissh Soodd with manufacturers of asset goods for the polymer industry for more than two decades and his closeness to different market segments, like compounding, masterbatch or petrochemical industry will help him to understand the dynamic requirements of the industry. And with his expertise, he will effectively position the range of products of Collin Asia in the target market segments. “, says Corné Verstraten.

Rajnissh Soodd is looking quite promising with his work and with years of experience in Nga Plastic Technology Private Limited.

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