New compounds extend the range of applications for biobased thermoplastics

Ventilation covers (as shown in this example) are a possible application for the new glass fiber reinforced Bio-Flex and Terralene compounds from FKuR.

FKuR will be showcasing its expanded portfolio of biobased thermoplastics for a growing range of applications including packaging, consumer products, sporting goods and technical parts at K2019

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Current additions to the portfolio include two glass-reinforced grades within the Bio-Flex and Terralene product family, both with high rigidity, and three Terraprene TPE grades, one of which is characterized by its high bio-content, while the other two are oil-free.

  • Bio-Flex GF30 is a PLA based compound with a glass fiber content of 30 % (by weight). This combines a relatively high stiffness of around 8,400 MPa with an equally high tensile strength of 70 MPa (ISO 527). Due to the high glass fiber content, the notched impact strength is also good at 6.4 kJ / m². Correspondingly, the wear resistance is better than with the unreinforced types. The biobased carbon content (BCC) is over 70% (calculated). Applications can be everywhere where high mechanical strength, but not where resistance to high temperatures or flame retardancy is required. Examples include housings, castors, gears, sports equipment, orthotic devices, pipes and pipe systems.


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