New HASCO Screw Plugs Made of Brass and Stainless Steel (HT)


New HASCO Screw Plugs Made of Brass and Stainless Steel (HT)

Screw plugs are usually used to securely close temperature control bores in injection molding tools.

Reliable thread sealing

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The new HASCO screw plugs Z9410/… with collar are available in a brass version with a special FKM O-ring and in a high-temperature version made of stainless steel. The O-ring, which in the HT version consists of a high-temperature-resistant FKM material, ensures reliable sealing of the temperature control bores even without an additional thread seal.

Production losses due to leaks are significantly minimized

Both screw plugs are suitable for process-reliable temperature control of injection molds with hot or cold water or heat transfer oil. The low compression set enables optimal use, with production downtimes due to leaks being significantly minimized. They are easy to assemble and disassemble.

While the screw plug Z 9410/… made of quality brass material 2.0401 can be used for temperatures up to 120°C with water and oil, the operating temperatures for the HT version made of quality stainless steel 1.4305 with special high-temperature O-rings are included up to 180°C for water and 220°C for oil. They ensure reliable tightness even with large temperature differences.

HASCO’s HT screw plugs are ideal for applications in medical and clean room technology.


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