Rajoo Ushers in a New Era For Solar Cell Manufacturers – Launches Lamina è, India’s First Mono & Multi-Layer EVA/POE Sheet Line For Producing Encapsulant Sheet For Solar Cells

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Rajoo Ushers in a New Era For Solar Cell Manufacturers – Launches Lamina è, India’s First Mono & Multi-Layer EVA/POE Sheet Line For Producing Encapsulant Sheet For Solar Cells

Marking its foray into the renewable energy sector, with Lamina è sheet extrusion lines , Rajoo takes a giant step forward, matching extrusion excellence with functionality, building a sort-after solution in the world to produce the highly complex EVA/POE sheet for solar cells; an approach that would certainly turn out to be a trend-setter.

Well understanding that if India has to realise the vision of its renewable energy programme, local manufacturing of related equipment will play a pivotal role, believes Rajoo. Extending its skills of extrusion, leveraging its strong understanding of the polymer chemistry (EVA being a rubbery material, and low shrinkage being a crucial parameter) and its 15 years of experience of producing sheet extrusion lines for EVA, Rajoo Engineers, smartly builds India’s first line to produce EVA/POE encapsulant sheet for solar cells. A move that would save the country precious foreign exchange and, at the same time, empower solar panel manufacturers, while presenting an opportunity for plastic processors to get a solution that is more cost-effective to buy and operate. The confidence that Rajoo commands as regards the local availability of parts and service support will only further the comfort of this growing solar panel industry.

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The versatile solution of Lamina è series of sheet extrusion lines comes with an output range of 300 to 900 kg/hr (in both monolayer and multilayer versions), width of 1,300 – 3,000 mm and a thickness range of 0.30 – 0.90 mm. The line is equipped with a fully automatic and continuous gravimetric feeding system and has energy-efficient extruders with universal barrier screws. The screw elements and screw profiles are designed according to the physical and chemical nature of EVA and POE resin. Furthermore, the peculiar EVA-use T-die is designed as per the extrusion rheology.

This solution has chartered a diversification for Rajoo to look beyond ‘extrusion for packaging alone’ and enter into newer and upcoming markets. While bringing in a lot of cheer to the solar panel manufacturers, this launch has provided a diversification opportunity for Rajoo’s existing and sizeable customer base with a reliable business model into which Rajoo can provide a good insight! This fascinating solution is another ‘Rajoo Step’ towards Make-in-India and will once again put Indian manufacturing on the global map.

“We are very excited as we have commissioned our first line. A lot of research has gone into conceptualising this machine. The EVA sheets used for encapsulation in solar cells are a very crucial element in the manufacture of the solar panels and I am glad that we took this bold step that would make a difference to India’s energy programme and India’s journey towards energy independence by 2047,” highlights a buoyant Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Managing Director, Rajoo Engineers Limited.

Lamina e – Sheet extrusion technology for solar modules.




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