Solvay Launches New Ajedium Build Sheets Portfolio For Additive Manufacturing


Solvay Launches New Ajedium Build Sheets Portfolio For Additive Manufacturing

Solvay is introducing a new portfolio of additive manufacturing (AM) build sheets marketed under the umbrella of the company’s Ajedium brand products. Build sheets or plates are used in additive manufacturing processes as basic surfaces on which the extruded AM filament layers are built upon or 3D printed.


Solvay’s Ajedium Build Sheets are compatible with 3D printers for fused deposition modeling (FDM), including vacuum and non-vacuum technologies. They can be customized to any thickness and size to meet the specific dimensions of different 3D printers, and are also available with adhesive backing to protect the building surface and prevent defects during the printing process.


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Solvay offers Ajedium Build Sheets in a range of options which can be produced from different high-performance polymers, such as Udel PSU, Radel PPSU, and KetaSpire PEEK. They deliver excellent stiffness and flatness, durability, thermal resistance and adhesion properties. The broad portfolio enables designers to select the build sheet that is most compatible with their printing material and printer temperature chamber, while providing them with the peace of mind that the sheet will neither warp nor crack during printing. Additionally, the surface can be treated to further enhance the adhesion of printed parts.


“Ajedium Build Sheets are a natural extension of our proven high-performance Ajedium solutions for critical applications in markets from Aerospace and Automotive to Energy, Electrical and Electronics, Healthcare and Industrial,” states Rodolfo Patricio, Aerospace & Defense Marketing Manager at Solvay. “At the same time, they complement our portfolio of Radel PPSU, KetaSpire PEEK, Solef PVDF filaments and new material solutions for additive manufacturing.”


Solvay’s new Ajedium Build Sheets underscore the company’s strategy to position itself as the industry’s leading supplier of customized AM solutions for applications with high-performance specialty polymers. The strategy rests on three pillars: materials, process and design. For materials, Solvay enables a growing choice of AM-ready filaments and powder materials. In regards to AM process development, Solvay has been working on the Solvay printer evaluation program (S-PEP) and partnerships with leading equipment suppliers. For design, Solvay partnered with Digimat by e-Xstream, a simulation software database enabling customers to predict and optimize their parts in order ‘to print right the first time’ as well as organizing the Solvay AM Cup competition for talented design and engineering students.


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