Solvay Receives ISCC PLUS Mass Balance Certification for Bio-Circular DMAPA Manufacturing in Zhangjiagang, China


Solvay Receives ISCC PLUS Mass Balance Certification for Bio-Circular DMAPA Manufacturing in Zhangjiagang, China

Use of bio-circular raw material to manufacture Fentamine DMAPA UP improves the environmental footprint of home and beauty care products

Solvay announces that its Zhangjiagang plant in China has been certified under the mass balance regime of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS system for manufacturing bio-circular Fentamine DMAPA UP. This chemical intermediate is key to manufacturing the Mirataine range of surfactants, which are used in several home, hygiene and beauty care applications spanning from dishwashing liquids to surface cleaners and from shampoos to body washes.

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“The growing consumer demand for natural ingredients in their home and beauty products led to collaborative innovation with brand owners to help minimize their fossil-based raw materials consumption and reduce their carbon footprint,” says Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Business Vice President, Home and Beauty Care at Solvay. “Our switch to mass balance certified, bio-circular ingredients for the home and beauty care industry contributes to that effort.”

The ISCC PLUS-compliant mass balancing is a globally acknowledged industry standard that provides a defined set of rules for tracking and tracing the content of circular and renewable feedstock in materials across value chains. As a result, users of certified materials can claim a reduced environmental footprint for their formulations, and brand owners can document the improved sustainability toward consumers.

In order to maximize the overall positive environmental effect of adopting a bio-circular feedstock, a complete life-cycle analysis of the end-products starting from the initial raw material was carried out. This confirmed that beyond naturality and CO2 reduction claims, the raw material switch also positively influences the overall impact of the product on the ecosystem.

Solvay’s bio-circular Fentamine DMAPA UP and its mass balance certification fully align with the Solvay One Planet roadmap and with ambitious sustainability targets of major customers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry seeking carbon neutrality by 2040 or earlier.

The ISCC PLUS certified Fentamine DMAPA UP will be further used by Solvay in 2023 to manufacture circular mass-balance ingredients for home and beauty care under the “UP” product lines.

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