Standardised HASCO Colour Table for Tolerances in The 3D Model


Standardised HASCO Colour Table for Tolerances in The 3D Model

In 3D-CAD design in mould and tool making, defined colours are frequently employed for the identification of tolerances. With the aim of using uniform colour schemes to create an easy-to-use standard to make the work of the designers as easy as possible, HASCO – as a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard mould components and customised hot runner solutions – worked with various cooperation partners to produce the industry standard as part of a joint project.

Standardised colour tables simplify CAD design

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A standardised colour table for mould and tool makers has been developed making it possible to easily and quickly identify tolerances of workpieces in 3D design. The result is a standardised colour table (VDWF Guideline 2020-1) for tool and mould making that is now available on the HASCO website and makes it possible to unambiguously label tolerances through defined colours. The CAM systems conventionally used can directly read in 3D models, automatically recognise the colours, and, from this, derive the tolerance.

Colour table standards simplify process automation

Misinterpretations when converting from a 2D drawing can be effectively avoided. ACTUAL dimensions are automated through corresponding measuring systems and can be compared with the 3D model. This simplifies process automation. Furthermore, this tool can be used for easy exchange of models for production at other locations.

Simply download the standardised HASCO colour table at, and take advantage of the benefits.


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