Sustainability Measures at Ateliers Busch


Sustainability Measures at Ateliers Busch

The Busch Vacuum Solutions production facility in Chevenez, Switzerland, is the company’s largest plant. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to sustainability at this location in particular. For this reason, far-reaching energy-saving and sustainability measures will be implemented on site by 2024.

“At CHM, we have developed a global environmental concept with the support of a specialist company. We hope to obtain two ISO certifications, 14.001 and 50.001, this year and reduce our energy consumption by 20%. To achieve these goals, we have drawn up a list of measures in working groups, the implementation of which we review every month,” explains Karine Bailly, Head of Maintenance at Ateliers Busch.

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In 2019, the entire plant was equipped with LED lighting. This year, intelligent demand control will be added to further reduce energy consumption.

“In total, 26 measures have already been taken since 2020, reducing our energy consumption by 15%. But we already know that we will meet and even exceed our targets, because we have already planned the installation of solar panels and the recovery of heat from our air compressors,” Bailly continues.

These photovoltaic panels will be installed on all buildings, supplying the plant with approximately 25% of its annual electricity needs.

A liquid waste evaporation system allows a significant reduction in liquid waste. It does this by evaporating the water so that only the impurities remain. This cuts the waste from 380,000 liters to only 13,000 liters per year. The total volume of hazardous waste therefore decreases, as does the number of journeys needed to remove it from the site.

A new cardboard compacting machine reduces the volume of cardboard waste. Wood waste is shredded. Both of these measures also avoid unnecessary transport. A new waste management area allows better waste separation and thus easier recycling. Finally, a mobility plan also aims to reduce the carbon footprint generated by employees’ commutes.


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