The Largest Network Of German And Indian Plastic Industry Located In Europe And Worldwide.


The Largest Network Of German And Indian Plastic Industry Located In Europe And Worldwide.

Gippev encourage their members in both the markets bestowing the advantages and opportunities. Gippev purpose is to put German and Indian groups in the focus of commitment. The Company aim to give India a better title in the German and partly in the European Plastics industry and in return to prevent the well-known hurdles and possible snares for German companies starting a business in India. With a drive to facilitate access to each other both business and personal to learn from and benefit from one another and to build healthy lasting business relationships. With its tools and programs, the organization reacts flexibly to the corresponding developments in the German and Indian plastics industry and their market relationships with specific others as well as their position in global competition. The representation of our mission is being suspicious, come together, learn from each other, get to know various others, take profit from each other, finding ambitious partners, and being victorious in your target market. As a standard platform of its members from Germany and India, the organization shall be the hub in inaugurating an export and expansion-oriented collaboration between the Plastics industry of these both countries.

With the vast range of businesses like Chemical materials manufacturing, Recycling & Bio based materials, Composites & High-Performance materials, Auxiliary, Automation, Tool making / Mold making, Prototyping, Recycling, Injection Moulding, Trading, Packaging, Solar, Pipe / Profile / Cable Extrusion Calendaring, Coating, Filament/tape winding, Supplying industry and many more Gippev have footprint.

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The central purpose of the association is to promote the export and cooperation of minute and medium-sized enterprises (Smes) in the plastics industry in Germany and India. As a shared platform of its fragments from Germany and India, the association is to be the linchpin in the initiation of export and expansion–oriented cooperation of the plastics manufacturing of these two countries, but also a platform of rapprochement and mutual exchange between the two cultures, There you will be informed about the tendencies regarding Market & Innovation development in Germany and India shortly.

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