Woodoo, transforms real wood into translucent and tactile surface


Laetitia Pfeiffer, Executive Partner Digital & Innovation for IBM France, tells us the story and concept of Woodoo, the start-up which transforms wood into ultra-resistant material. Exclusively from the Club des Chroniqueurs.

The potential of wood

Aware and mobilized by its societal and environmental impact, Timothée Boitouzet, architect by training and founder of Woodoo , a green tech specializing in bio-materials, very quickly realized that “the materials with which we build today, were invented hundreds of years ago but are quite incapable of facing the human challenges of the 21st century: the preservation of the environment and the intense demographic growth.By 2030, we will have built the equivalent of 7 times Paris in the world every year to accommodate the exploding urban population, ”he explains. It was therefore necessary for him to change the paradigm: he went to MIT to become a chemist and understand the potential of the oldest material used by humanity: wood.

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“Replace harmful materials”

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Woodoo was born from this alchemy. This start-up is based on a process for transforming wood into ultra-resistant materials as well as translucent and tactile surfaces with “the mission of helping to replace harmful materials , such as plastic, concrete or aluminum which no longer have their place on our planet today with this unique feature: revealing all the beauty and naturalness of wood fiber when it is on standby, while offering a remarkable visual rendering and chromatic quality during dissemination of images ”. The result: a durable material that offers strength close to that of metal with the cost profile of simple conventional wood.

Next gen wood

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