Youngest Entrepreneur Started – Feel Good to Make Where the Waste Feels Good


Youngest Entrepreneur Started – Feel Good to Make Where the Waste Feels Good

FEELGOOD ECONURTUTRE LLP is an Indian two year start up providing sustainable circular economy solutions by managing the plastic waste and recycling the difficult to recycle plastics into making new products that achieve UNSDG.

We have developed and patented a technology for producing granules using post-consumer mixed plastic, Multi-layered Grade 7 plastics and also industrial waste for achieving a new material that has significant properties. This material is further used in making paver tiles, paver block, roof tiles, bricks, designer sheets and useful furniture, construction industries and more.

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Product Sustainable S-TILE is made from 100 percent post-consumer MLP waste (Multi-Layer Plastic – packaging wrappers with multiple metal and plastic layer at scale being used for chips, chocolates, food packaging), These tiles are fully tested and have High load bearing capacity are fire resistant and are waterproof. The tiles are antistatic, non-toxic, have a long life, and have an easy interlocking installation and finally are Recyclable and contribute to circular economy said Mr. Sharang Ambadkar, Managing Partner and Founder, Feelgood Econature LLP.


Tiles find applications in flooring, pathways, designer wall, playgrounds, washrooms, parking areas, floors, clubs, residential complex, Pathways, gallery and more.


Other products are foldable furniture which is made from Waste plastics tough and sturdy, fire resistant and recyclable.

Their work has been recognized by UNSDG, and awarded the best circular recycled product of the year 2022, at NEW DELHI (INDIA) International conference on Circular economy in May 2022 and other forums




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